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Selling Your Work

jotta has come up with a new initiative the jotta Design Shop, exclusively to jotta members, which will promote, platform and sell your work.

While that old saying ‘Art for art’s sake’ may feed our creative souls, it doesn’t exactly put food on the table.  The jotta Design Shop endeavors to solve this artistic dilemma by enabling you, the artist or designer, to promote your work and snag potential buyers at the same time.



What you have to do

The process is easy.  Just send us your CV and images of the intended works with a brief artist statement about your work.  Work must be produced and ready to sell. Currently we are limiting each artist to two works so as to keep it manageable.  Your work will be displayed and sold alongside a roster of supremely talented and jotta-tipped artists and designers. 


What jotta will do

We will publicise the store and your work, raising your profile and dealing with all the paper work. We will host features on jotta.com and weekly newsletter while also promoting your work outside of jotta through media partners and press contacts.


Who & How

We are aiming to attract a wide range of visitors to the site. Once a work sells, there is the option for jotta to keep the buyer updated with your progress – with upcoming exhibitions, updates on your profile and new works available.

Self Store 

Alternatively, if you'd prefer to hold the reins, as a jotta member you can now create your own free online store. To set up your individual online store, simply click the link http://yokaboo.com/jotta and follow the easy steps to creating your own personal empire.



If you have work you’d like to sell through the jottaShop, or just want some more information, please contact hello@jotta.com